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Many people ask what it is insurance education and following me some information on insurance education as follows:

1. What is education about insurance, if Allianz has a special insurance products for education, if there is what the name of the product? Why education must have insurance?
Insurance education is INSURANCE AVAILABILITY funds or when our children need the funds now go to school / High school (PT).

The concept of insurance education is the availability of funds for the education of children in any condition that occurs in older people. Whatever the risks that occur in older people, eg parents of critically ill, permanent disability or death, the fund for the education of children is always available.

Why do we have to have education insurance: To be always available funds for the education of our children when needs funds to attend school or university. Because we as parents should pay attention to the risks that could occur and that could affect toward the education fund was not achieving the desired objectives. 

Some of the risks that should be considered, ie accident, illness, permanent disability, even death. When have insurance education, the guarantee fund will be there, although there is a risk in the elderly bleak accident, illness, permanent disability, even death.

2. How to have the insurance products and what are the conditions?

The trick is quite simple, just contact the agent / marketers, later agent / marketers will provide complete information. You can also contact me at no hp / email in this web.
Terms standartnya: Filling Application for Insurance, Signing Illustrated (which of course the customer has been studied and approved), the Parent Identity FC, FC Child's birth certificate.

3. What are the advantages of education and insurance cover just about anything, please explain?

The advantages of this insurance are: Flexible Options magnitude savings, savings Frequency also Flexibel, a satisfactory Service Service, Health Facilities Available, and most importantly, ABLE will WARRANT education expenses, any condition that occurs in older people.

This insurance cover: The cost of health care including Inpatient, Surgery, Critical Illness, Accident, Permanent Disability and Death.

4. Does insurance products that can be tailored to the needs and abilities of the old man in a sense adapted to the ability of its economy?

Of course, this product can be tailored to the needs and economic ability of parents to be an flexible product

5. How much premium should be paid by the parent if the following insurance, whether if the parents want to increase the premium middle of the road can be done?

Large premium to be paid for Parents of course depend on the purpose of financial education for children. Example goal is to fund college education abroad Children will be different with children who will study at universities in the country.
So the size of the premium paid depends on a large fund to be achieved and how long save / berinvestasinya.

Amid the trip you follow the Insurance Education, you can add a premium, so it can be adjusted dg Flexibel its needs or the parents' economic circumstances.

6. The insurance products are also a function of investment and also protection, please explain?

This insurance product has the function of two functions, namely investment and also protection.

7. For this education insurance to varying levels of education such as what, whether to college? how the insurance protection in every child's education?

This insurance can provide assurance to college. Insurance protection in every level of education means that children can be adjusted in accordance with the insurance protection taken by the customer, and the journey can be changed as needed.

8. Determine how education policy for insurance, please be given an explanation calculation? 

In determining the insurance policy there are a variety of ways, because every person must have a unique way. Usually the first step which must be used first Memperhitungakan how much it costs to be used for the cost of kindergarten education, elementary, junior high schools and universities in the future by taking into account inflation too big.

The second step determines how long the funds will be achieved.
The next step of the funds each month to be invested.

9. If you have a plan for the child to continue their education to higher education, how education is the best insurance plan?

A good insurance plan where the insurance is tailored to your needs and you as parents feel comfortable and aware of the purpose of financial education son / i beloved.
To make education insurance that suits your needs, should consult with the Agent / Energy Marketing / Financial Consultant you. Please discuss what plans had to be achieved, and how to move step.

You can also consult with me, FREE, so immediately lift the phone / sms to: 08788 1758777

10. Value of the rupiah continued to weaken and inflation is also a matter of continually rising higher every year, of course, affect the future of education funding, how to anticipate it is through education that you have insurance?

How do REVIEW mensiasatinya course for insurance education on a regular basis, eg once a year or two years or so, then discuss / consult with the Agent / Power Marketers / Financial Consultant you so that everything will go according to plan early.

11. How long does the process of insurance claims for education, please explain?

Claim process quite simple and easy, usually payment of claims within 14 working days from receipt of a complete File Claim by the Company. Files that are required for inpatient claims include Claim Submission Letter, Medical Certificate, and FC Receipt which has been legalized. These files can be obtained from the Agent / Office nearest to you. So for those of you who have insurance office, or other insurance claims could doule.
And the most important in taking the Insurance Education is the Fairness in Insurance Proposal Letter of Completion, premium payment on time, and consciously understand that education is an insurance case that you must have to guarantee education.

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